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The next climate tech paradigm ahead

How can we make climate change and a common digital accounting system an ultimate model for decentralized jobcreation and economic boost?

In this article for Techstars, Martin Wainstein presents the Open Climate Collabathon as opportunity and space for the climate tech community to advance dialogues and open innovation projects with regards to questions like these.

In particular, Martin Wainstein elaborates on 4 topics as the next climate tech paradigm ahead:

1) The open source climate internet

2) Climate tech business models sharing open source digital infrastructure

3) Innovation from collaboration rather than competition

4) The future of work: planetary software stewards in the gig economy

Read the full article here.


Join our Radical Collaboration!

You can find many ways to participate in the Collabathon here.

Connect your own activities!

You can connect your own activities in the form of an "Open Community Event" here.


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