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Recap of Open Climate Dialogue 6: Scaling Climate Finance

Open Climate Dialogue 6 "Scaling Climate Finance: Digital automation for climate bonds and community-scale project finance" convened leading thinkers in the climate finance space with a strong background in financial technology:

Katherine Foster

International Strategy Officer and Climate Finance lead at Open Earth Foundation

Katherine Foster has been spearheading systems innovation for climate and sustainable development for over 25 years. A former Diplomat and MIT Solve Fellow, she has held leadership roles at global impact innovation initiatives and partnerships. She serves as strategy officer at the Open Earth Foundation where she also spearheads the work on end-to-end digitization of climate bonds. Previously, she served as Chief Intelligence Officer at the Green Digital Finance Alliance.

Tony Lent

Co-Founder at Capital for Climate

Tony Lent leads Capital for Climate, a climate finance investment platform for large-scale investors leading the transition to net zero carbon emissions (1.5℃ outcome) by 2050. Tony has twenty-five years as a principal investor and financial advisor in renewables, and sustainable real assets. He managed and participated in more than $2B in investments in these sectors. Expert in low carbon infrastructure, renewable power, sustainable agribusinesses, low carbon fuels, green chemistry and emerging markets financial services.

Truman Semans

CEO and Planning Team Chair at OS-Climate

Truman Semans is the CEO of OS-Climate, a non-profit organization to develop an Open Source software platform that will improve management of climate risk and accelerate investment in climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation. The OS-Climate platform is hosted at the newly created Linux Climate Finance Foundation. Truman is an entrepreneur, investor and thought leader innovating in data-driven strategies for investing, business, and economic development that tap sustainability to achieve high returns.

This panel elaborated on questions like:

How can we identify and build key digital infrastructure for smart climate financing?

Can we envision an end-to-end digital climate bond ecosystem that supports local action?

Watch the complete Dialogue 6 here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


Working Group Session:

Open Climate Dialogue 6 transitioned into a Working Group Session, hosted by Alexey Shadrin, CEO of Evercity, who introduced the Finance Working Group at the Climate Chain Coalition and invited members and contributors to extend the dialogues on open source collaboration to scale climate finance, and provide a demo of the work done by Evercity towards an end-to-end digitized climate bond using cutting-edge blockchain technology:

Watch the complete Working Group Session here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


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