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Recap of Open Climate Dialogue 4: Mitigation Accounting

Open Climate Dialogue 4 "Mitigation Accounting: Land-Based Ecosystem Service Credits" convened speakers in the forest and ecosystem service space, with backgrounds in technology, markets and policy, to discuss the important role of land-based mitigation of climate change, eg. from Agriculture and Forest:

Diego Saez Gil

Co-Founder and CEO at Pachama

Diego Saez Gil is the Co-Founder and CEO at Pachama. He is a serial tech entrepreneur with over ten years of experience scaling innovative technologies. Pachama is the first company to use machine learning and LiDAR technology to accurately verify the carbon captured by forests. Believing that Pachama’s technology is at the service of the planet, Diego is spearheading the democratization of Pachama’s AI technology. This will enable more forest projects to participate in carbon markets around the world. In 2016, Diego was recognized by MIT as one of the 35 Innovators under 35 and was selected as High-impact Entrepreneur by Endeavor Global.

Kate Dooley

Research Fellow and International Consultant in Climate and Land-Use Policy

Kate Dooley is a Research Fellow at Melbourne University’s Climate and Energy College, and a Lecturer in the School of Geography. Kate has worked globally with environmental movements and non-governmental organisations for the past two decades, focussing on forest and climate policy. She has worked on forest governance reforms to tackle illegal logging, and the European Union’s policy responses in these areas. She has been following the UN climate negotiations since 2009, focusing on the role of forests and land-use in climate mitigation, and how this can be achieved while enhancing equity and human rights.

Gregory Landua

Co-founder and Chief Regeneration Officer, Regen Network

Gregory Landua, co-author of the pioneering book, Regenerative Enterprise, the Levels of Regenerative Agriculture Whitepaper, and the Regen Network Whitepaper. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Terra Genesis International. Terra Genesis International (TGI) is now lead by a dynamic global team of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture and Business practitioners and leaders working to support leading companies to transform their negative impact into regenerative effects, and leading cutting edge agro-forestry business planning around the world. Gregory is dedicated full time to launching Regen Network and raising his family.

This panel elaborated on questions like:

How can we establish common frameworks for ecosystem service credits, such as carbon capture from reforestation, and leverage state of the art technology to provide trusted trading of assets and robust accounting for the Paris Agreement?

Watch the complete Dialogue 4 here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


Working Group Session:

Open Climate Dialogue 4 transitioned into a working group session, hosted by OpenTEAM and Regen Network. This working group presented a prompt to develop a specific ecosystem service credit class that can utilize trusted data acquisition tools, and invite participants to form teams or contribute individually to the common working group:

Watch the complete Working Group Session here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


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