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Recap of Open Climate Dialogue 3: Emission Accounting

Open Climate Dialogue 3 "Emission Accounting: Supply Chains, Consumer Disclosure and Differentiated Commodities" brought together leading thinkers in the emission tracking sectors:

Navroop K. Sahdev

Founder and CEO at The Digital Economist

Navroop Sahdev is the founder and CEO of The Digital Economist, a global impact organization with the mission to drive technological convergence for a human-centered Digital Economy by bringing investable opportunities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, to the fore. Along with the world’s most respected digital economists, in 2019 she co-authored “Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers: Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality”, the first book on the economics of blockchain. She has co-authored Hyperledger’s "Blockchain for Business" online course which has trained over 160,000 entrepreneurs globally, and counting.

Felipe Carazo

Head of Public Sector Engagement, Tropical Forest Alliance at World Economic Forum

Felipe Carazo serves as Head of Public Sector Engagement at Tropical Forest Alliance, initiative housed by the World Economic Forum. He brings more than twenty years of experience developing and overseeing programs and initiatives addressing policy, governance, financial instruments, impact metrics, capacity building, private-public partnerships, south-south cooperation, resource management, rural development, conservation, human wellbeing, integrated landscape management and climate change. His work has included overseeing a vast portfolio of programs and projects in Central America, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Indonesia and Madagascar. He holds a master’s degree in environmental management from Nicholas School of Environment, mayor in Resource Economics and Policy, Duke University. He served as Executive Director of Fundecor and advisor to the Government of Costa Rica for six years. He also worked for ten years at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), served as Head of The Environmental Program Unit for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and focal point for the Global Environmental Fund (GEF).

Jason Libersky

Co-founder & CEO at Quotient and Strategic Advisor at Adaptation Ledger

Jason is Co-Founder and CEO of Quotient Labs, Inc. and has spent the past decade on the front lines of the quantification of externalities and market development for commodities that are differentiated based on their ESG performance.  Jason’s theory of quantifying externalities is founded in the fusion of his learnings as a Computational Physicist and Member of the Advanced Concepts Group at Sandia National Labs, Research & Data Scientist at New Mexico Tech’s Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, senior production engineering consulting with major oil & gas producers and electric utilities, and his extensive data science and product development experience across multiple industries.  Jason also established the early ESG energy commodity market for digitized assets as a co-founder and CTO of Xpansiv. Jason studied Astrophysics & Religious Studies at The University of New Mexico and Physics & Biology at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Moderated by Martin Wainstein from Yale Openlab, this panel elaborated on questions like:

How can digital technologies deliver and trust to track and account emissions throughout their lifecycle and explore the important implications for this?

How do we integrate data across supplychains to quantify the climate impact of products and commodities? How are these accounted and disclosed?

If we embed trusted emission data at the product level, can we design differentiated commodities that are priced considering their externalities?

Watch the complete Dialogue 3 here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


Working Group Session:

Open Climate Dialogue 3 transitioned into a Working Group Session, hosted by the Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group and include the Consumer Disclosure Collabathon Working Group, who both encouraged participants to join efforts to evolve a common network for tracking emission data with a focus on the energy sector:

Watch the complete Working Group Session here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


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