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Recap of Open Climate Dialogue 2: Radical Collaboration

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Open Climate Dialogue 2 "Radical Collaboration: Scaling Decentralized Open Source Collaboration" convened pioneering minds and projects working in the open source collaboration space to discuss both best practices and common tools that help with open source coordination and incentive management:

Noah Thorp

Founder at CoMakery

Noah Thorp (moderator) is the founder of CoMakery, a platform to coordinate distributed teams to work on projects - with easy integration with blockchain infrastructure. He co-founded Citizen Code in 2014 where he lead DAO, decentralized reputation and blockchain projects for startups and Fortune 100 companies. He has also worked extensively as an architect and product designer on digital securities, exchanges and equity crowd funding projects with Nasdaq Private Market, Republic and SharesPost.  Along the way he has clocked over 30k hours of software development. He is a co-organizer of the San Francisco branch of the international Legal Hackers association.

Bonnie Wolfe

Director at Hack For LA, Regional Representative, Code for America

Bonnie Wolfe is a serial tech entrepreneur, technical educator, speaker, community builder, software product manager, program manager and consultant. As the current Executive Director of Hack for LA, she has grown the organization to the largest weekly hack night series in the world with 20 project teams of over 400 active participants globally, focusing solely on open source civic tech with projects from resources to fight food insecurity to a global catalog of civic tech open source projects. She is also the Western Regional Representative of Code for America’s National Advisory Council where she spearheads a project to systematize the sharing of effective practices in civic tech, gov tech, edtech and related communities of interest.

Scott Moore

Co-founder & Director of Partnerships at GitCoin

Scott Moore is a co-founder and the developer relations lead for Gitcoin, a platform for building and sustaining remote-first, open source communities. He also plays a supporting role in a variety of other organizations focused on this mission including the Digital Public Goods Alliance, Ethereum Foundation Grants, and SustainOSS. To date, Gitcoin has distributed nearly $8M to open source developers around the world.

Dorn Cox

Founding Member at: OpenTeam, FarmHACK, FarmOS and GOAT

Dorn Cox is a founding member of OpenTeam, FarmHACK, FarmOS, and GOAT open source communities. Dorn Cox serves as research director and OpenTEAM project lead at Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment and a farmer. He is passionate about sharing open source agricultural tools, ideas information and inspiration to accelerate innovation and quantify environmental services from regenerative agriculture. His work was recognized with the inaugural Hugh Hammond Bennett award for excellence in conservation and the Food Shot Global Ground Breaker prize. He has a PhD from the University of New Hampshire in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science.

Brian Behlendorf

Executive Director at Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation

Brian Behlendorf leads Hyperledger, an open source software development consortium hosted by the Linux Foundation, focused on blockchain technology for enterprises. Since 2016, Hyperledger has laid the foundation for hundreds of production blockchain networks tackling supply chain transparency, trade finance and other financial applications, and digital identity initiatives. Prior to this, Brian founded two successful companies, worked at the White House under President Obama, and was CTO for the World Economic Forum. Brian also launched one of the first music sites on the Internet, Hyperreal, home to the online rave community in the 1990s.

This panel elaborated on questions like:

How do we scale decentralized and self-organized collaboration for global challenges such as climate change?

How do we develop operational digital projects with work and input from the global crowd?

Watch the complete Dialogue 2 here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


Working Group Session:

Open Climate Dialogue 2 transitioned into a Collaboration Working Group on digital environments for collaboration where participants discussed how the Collabathon platform can be improve in future iterations. Hosted by Noah Thorp from CoMakery and Tiberius Brastaviceanu from Sensorica:

Watch the complete Working Group Session here:

Find the overall playlist for the Open Climate Dialogues of November 2020 here.


Join a team & contribute to prompts via our digital environments here!

Find out more about our 2020 Working Groups here!


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