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Q&A Session with students at the FH-Salzburg Node

The University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, in short FH-Salzburg, as well as more organisations have already created a Node for the upcoming Open Climate Collabathon Development Sprint this November. Altogether they enable their students, developers and members to form teams with worldwide Collabathon participants and work on specific climate action prompts.

This will be an exciting experience for all of us!

“This will be an exciting experience for all of us,” states Tina Neureiter, Junior Researcher at FH-Salzburg, during the Open Climate Collabathon Q&A for 25 students from FH-Salzburg, conducted by Martin Wainstein from the Yale openlab on Thursday 29 October.

In this online Q&A, Martin Wainstein showed the students where teambuilding for the Collabathon takes place, where on DISCORD and CoMakery to connect with prompts and introduced the inspiring speakers at the Open Climate Dialogues this November.

As a decentralized collective, the Open Climate Collabathon has room to onboard everyone interested in this shared purpose: To crowd-develop an open source, transparent climate accounting platform as a digital public good, designed to help the world track and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Get involved!

You can find many ways to participate in the Collabathon here.

Connect your own activities!

You can connect your own activities in the form of an "Open Community Event" here.


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